Thermal Imaging

See the problem before it becomes a problem

It’s the ultimate in preventative maintenance – using state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology to identify potential issues before they become a real problem. Armed with the Flir E53, Damian’s 12-monthly Infrared Thermal Inspection can help save you the time and money associated with an unscheduled outage or the failure of a component or system. It can also play a vital role in helping to ensure compliance with the annual insurance requirements of your operation.

Switchboard at normal temperature
Fault description Nil
Fault rating Low
Remedy N/A
Thermographer Damian Leahy
Lighting control contactor over temperature
Fault description Control contactor over temperature
Fault rating Medium
Remedy Replace contactor
Thermographer Damian Leahy
Damian Leahy running at normal temperature
Damian Leahy – Electrician
– Thermographer (Level 1)
– Nominee Supervisor in Fire Protection
– Fire Protection Technician
– Fire Safety Adviser

Thermal imaging is ideal for:

  • Switchboards
  • Electrical components
  • Electric motors
  • Building inspections
  • Water leaks
  • Mechanical faults
  • General fault finding

What you get:

  • Comprehensive Thermography Report: prepared in accordance with the “Guideline for Infrared Inspections of Electrical and Mechanical Systems”, 1st Ed, Infraspection Institute (1993) – that meets ISO 18436-7
  • Fault diagnosis, fault rating, and remedy at-a-glance
  • On-the-spot rectification (if applicable)
  • Updated asset record for your insurance files
  • Peace of mind

“While modern electrical components are designed to ‘fail-safe’, older assets can unfortunately still run the risk of starting a fire. That’s why an annual thermal inspection shouldn’t just be about insurance compliance – it’s about protecting people and property, and keeping your business running”

Damian Leahy